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May 2013

Ed. Note:  We recently got our eldest daughter a cell phone — which I was rabidly against for a long time, but the need to keep in touch with her while she is out and about so much made it necessary.  Given this recent addition to the ABC family, I was thrilled to receive guest post below.  It’s easy to overlook using some of the basic protective measures for those devices that have become a lifeline to so many – but utilizing these tips can save you a bundle!

Your iPhone is an expensive piece of equipment. Basically, it is a small computer, and can do so many things for you and make life so much easier that you will want to look after it and protect it the best way that you can. There are many different ways to ensure that your iPhone is safe and cared for, no matter where you go or what you do. Not only do you want to protect the phone itself but it’s important to protect the information that it holds. Here are a few ways that you can ensure your iPhone is protected, both inside and out.

Cover It

Getting a good iPhone 5 case is such an important part of making sure that your phone is protected as best it can be. You may be the most careful person on earth, and think that you will never ever drop your phone but it will be that one time when you accidently drop it that you lose it, or damage it beyond repair. So don’t be a nitwit, get a good case that will protect your best friend from bumps and scrapes.

Set a Passcode

Setting a passcode is a must for protecting yourself and your iPhone. Setting a password won’t take you long at all but could mean the difference between saving you a lot of money and heartache if the phone is lost or stolen. Imagine getting a phone bill for thousands of dollars because your phone was stolen and the thief has used it to call his friends in other countries! Protect yourself by doing this one small step. Set the passcode! Do it now!

Self Destruct Mechanism

Remember how Maxwell Smart (remember the Get Smart movie and the earlier TV series?) used to get those secret notes that would self-destruct in a certain amount of time to ensure that the information remains secret. Well you can set your iPhone so that if the password is put in incorrectly ten times then it will remove all data. This ensures that even if your iPhone is lost or stolen, at least your information will not be used against you.

Screen Protector

While the shattered screen look can be synonymous with many an iPhone that you see, this does not have to be your fate. Taking the time to apply a simple screen protector could save you a lot of worry and prevent you from joining the “shattered screen club.”

Dust Protectors

While your iPhone might seem to be a pretty robust piece of equipment it is still a computer with loads of small bits and pieces inside that make it work. Dust, dirt and moisture can get into the holes and vents and cause problems for the working of the phone in the everyday wear-and-tear use of the phone. Moisture can get into the screen and cause unsightly moisture marks that will affect your use of the phone. You can get accessories to ensure that this does not happen, thereby extending the life of your phone.

This is a Guest Post Written by Jasmine Pole



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