Time for “The Talk” #KotexMom

June 15, 2012

Yes, it’s that time.  Time for “The Talk.” #KotexMom

With three girls in the house (ages 5 to 11), we do a lot of talking.

Turns out?  There are more topics than I would have imagined that fall under the category of “The Talk.”

For example, there’s the “Where Do Babies Come From” Talk, parts 1 and 2.  (Think different levels of specificity.)

Between those two talks, there’s typically a “How Do You Get the Baby Out of Mommy’s Body” Talk.  [Once, when Claire was about 3 and I was pregnant with Kate, we were at the grocery store checkout lane.  The woman ahead of us was obviously very pregnant, and in a nice lull Claire yells out: “Mommy, do you think that lady is going to have her baby cut out of her tummy or push it out her butt?”  Oy.  I was begging for a trapdoor to appear THAT day, let me tell you!]

There’s the ever-popular “Differences Between Boys and Girls” Talks.  This one, in particular, elicits elaborate giggling and/or copious expressions of disgust.

Then there are Stranger Danger Talks, Personal Safety Talks, Who’s Allowed to Touch My Body Talks, etc.

OH!  And let’s not forget the Drugs and Alcohol Talks.  Those start simple, and with each passing year are repeated with more detail, greater emphasis, and the ever-frightening specific examples.

At the moment, we are reviewing the “First Period” talk.

How to Start

I have read in many places that this isn’t an easy conversation to have.

For this very reason, Kotex teamed up with Nickelodeon ParentsConnect to create a video addressing this very topic.  You can find the video here:  http://bit.ly/NfnOew

From my perspective, I cannot say that having a detailed discussion with my eldest daughter about getting her first period was too concerning.  We have had, well, an eventful year, what with some interesting and long-standing bullying issues at school… so, honestly?  Talking about menstruating was a cake-walk compared to the nuances we both experienced in tween frenemy territory.   She already knew the basics from an earlier chat we had, which was reinforced by a seminar she had at school.  And, she asked questions (changing the potentially boring lecture format into a thorough discussion – YAY!), wasn’t shocked or grossed out, and overall was very comfortable with us talking about it.

U by Kotex Tween Pads

While I’m usually the Queen of Oversharing here on my blog, I’m not going to go into the details of my talk with my eldest.  I can say it went very well, and I doubt I’ll change much when I have to talk to Kate.  If you need a few tips on how to get started or what to cover, the folks over at Kotex have some really down-to-earth advice and ideas over here.

And something you may not know (I didn’t!):  girls as young as age 8 are already getting their periods.  So if you thought you could put The Talk off for another year or two, you should probably reconsider.

Your Thoughts?

I’ve got two more girls to have this particular Period Talk with, so if you have any additional tips or even any anecdotes you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them.  Leave a comment below, or email me at admin [at] abrokencompass [dot] com.


I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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