Easter Pre-production… And My Mouth

April 23, 2011

The night before Easter, for pretty much my entire life, I have colored Easter eggs.  Simply put:  it’s one of my few long-standing traditions.

Hubby tried to tell the girls we didn’t need to dye eggs – because we’d already done an Easter egg hunt last weekend.

Piffle! I say!

So I splurged on the $1.99 PAAS egg dye kit that included GLITTER!

The glitter packet?  Approximately a 1” cellophane square, with about ⅛ teaspoon of glitter.

I could go on and on about the ridiculous profit margin on this rip-off.  Really, I could.  But, considering how much joy that $2.08 brought my children, let’s just skip the ranting today.


Amy, Waiting for the Magic To Happen

Kate, Enjoying the Process

Wonder What My Big Girl Is Thinking...?

My Happy Girl

Pixie, Peeking at Our Resident Photog (Hubby/Daddy)

Calm and Happy Claire

Just Part of Our Artistry -- We Colored 18 Eggs Total


My Mouth

Remember how I mentioned that I was trying out the latest Crest mouthwash?

Well, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I mean, how much difference can a mouthwash make, right?

I asked my dentist about it, and she said that because it’s alcohol free, it’s less drying.  Which for some people with a problem with dry mouth – which seems odd to me, but apparently certain medications cause it – is not a good thing.

I read the literature I received from Mom Central, and checked out the Crest website, and I read that Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Rinse kills germs, helps prevent gingivitis, freshens breath, reduces plaque, and keeps teeth cleaner longer.

I have to be honest with you:  I don’t know that I can personally vouch for most of these details (though I completely trust that Crest has all the research to support this – check this out if you have any doubts).

What I can tell you?  I have much fresher breath.

When I hear that, “fresher breath,” I think of silly commercials.  You know, 20-somethings kissing with the Alps in the background, or something equally silly.

But I’m telling you:  I’ve got a whole new respect for that little descriptor “Fresh Breath.”

Now, in order for this little revelation to make any sense to you, I have to tell you something kind of gross.

I’m sorry.  But you’re not going to believe my personal “fresh mouth” experience if I don’t level with you.

Here it is:  I have a problem with tonsilliths.  This isn’t an uncommon problem.  I’ve done nothing to cause it, there’s really no way to permanently get rid of it, and it’s nothing horrid.  But it’s annoying.

And smelly.

So I’m always a bit hypersensitive about how my breath smells.

Tic Tac and Breathsavers have remained in business because of me.  No doubt about it.

But.  No more!

Here’s what I found:  rinsing and gargling with Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse twice a day pretty much eliminated my bad breath.

I even woke up in the morning with a fresher mouth!

I am a little concerned you are thinking this is no big deal.  But really?  To me, it’s pretty darned amazing.  Just a little Crest Rinse?  It’s bought me a little piece of confidence I didn’t think I’d ever regain.

Glitter eggs.  Fresh breath.  What more could a girl ask for??

I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central Consulting sent me a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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1 Sue Farrell April 24, 2011 at 5:41 am

Is the mouth wash on the market yet?


2 admin April 24, 2011 at 7:49 am

Yes, I believe it is.


3 Dentistry in Australia June 10, 2011 at 2:26 am

Hmm. I have been scared of mouthwash ever since the gave us that bubble gum flavored gunk that made me gag in grade school. I really need to find one that I can stand though and this sounds really good!


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