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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ordinary Thursday #478

September 30, 2010

A sampling of today’s events:

  • Kate rollerskated up and down the sidewalk with her neighborhood friend several times today after school.  Slight chill in the air, but lots of sunshine.  Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite time of year?
  • Kate’s neighborhood friend’s sister, who just turned three, fell off a swing.  While I was standing right next to her.  Just when I thought I had this whole child rearing/care-taking thing nailed, too.
  • Amy and I took care of Baby A for a couple of hours this afternoon.  Sweetest 3-month-old ever, really.  Amy and I helped Baby A practice sitting up.  It was quite an entertaining hour.  God’s honest truth.
  • Claire was putting on her socks this morning while I had GMA on the tube.  As yet another commercial started, she turns me to ask, “Mom, what is Levitra?”

Just another day in paradise.  My own wrinkly, dusty, quirky little paradise.