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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have been a bit of a lurker over at Tiffany Noth’s Bloggy Moms for a couple of months.

Bloggy Moms Badge

As part of a continuing education/networking/point of discussion (simply my interpretation), Tiffany comes up with a writing assignment each month for the followers of the Bloggy Moms network.  UPDATE:  Apparently Tiffany is creative and hard-working enough to do this weekly, not monthly.  So here’s my assignment from three weeks ago.  Yes, mom, some things never change.

What with my household and child-rearing duties ever at odds with my perpetual state of self-absorption, I’ve started to tackle the assignment she posted for the month at least three times, but have yet to complete it.  I start to list the mundane tasks I’ve performed for any given day.  And then I review what I’ve written and think, if I’m this bored reading about my life, how the heck to I expect you all to choke it down.

But now September is almost over, and for some reason I feel this strange requirement that I must do this.  But then I remember that I made this commitment to myself, and here I am, forging on.  Pesky vestiges of tired integrity, I guess.

Any way you slice it, this isn’t exciting stuff.  To spare you the drudgery of a timeline, I’ve divided the major aspects of my day into three categories.

Stuff I Haven’t Done but Should

  • Vacuum.
  • Laundry.
  • Laundry.
  • Oh yeah, and LAUNDRY!

Stuff I Have Done but Shouldn’t

  • Drank coffee with lots of cream and sugar.  What can I say:  I need my caffeine hit more sweet than bitter.  Deal with it.
  • Started about 5 different blog posts.
  • Researched and read more about SEO.  Still am largely baffled — not about the concept so much, but about how to implement it.  When you  — well, me — don’t know much HTML or CSS.  I wondering if this is how nursing home residents feel when they hear the term “internet” – Great Aunt Bessie is sure it must be something of note, but comprehending its depth and breadth is literally impossible.
  • Made a Tastefully Simple pound cake, which we will have for dessert tonight with fresh strawberries and Cool Whip.  Don’t worry about the calories – I’m quite good at ignoring that concern.
  • Grocery shopping.  It was necessary, but rather stupid of me.  Double coupon day is tomorrow, not today, so I have to go back then to get the most for my money on certain items.  But I had to go today because we were out of some basics.  Like milk, of which we drink about a gallon a day.  And brown rice, which we eat several times per week.  So you see, I HAD to go.
  • Looked at the vacuum (but didn’t plug it in or move it).

Stuff I did That I Was, In Fact, Supposed To Do:

  • Researched information for Kate‘s medical appointments.  In addition to Noonan’s Syndrome and polyvalvular disease, Kate may have a connective tissue disorder.  Never a dull moment.
  • Girl Scout planning and correspondence.  (YAY me!)
  • Outlined two blog articles for later this week.
  • Brainstormed what I could rename “Mental Health Mondays” that might sound less… crazy.  Came up with nothing.  (And I am accepting suggestions!)
  • Tried to figure out why, since I’ve been messing around with the section titles of the blog, I cannot figure out how to alter the spacing between the section headings.
  • Grocery shopping.  But see caveat above.
  • Stared at my Alexa ranking several times today.  And smiled.  A lot.  Guess what?  This little blog ‘o mine is currently ranked in the top 5% of blogs in the universe!!!  How stinkin’ cool is that???????????

Today's Alexa Ranking

  • Laundry.  But only two loads so far, so refer to above note.
  • Assisted Claire with her homework.
  • Listened to Amy complain.  Attempted to make her approach life with a more sunny disposition.  Not a fun or easy task, but it just comes with the job.
  • Listen to Kate whine about not feeling good, and tried to discern fact from fiction.  Nothing definitive yet on this one.

And that, dear readers, is the abbreviated version of A Day In The Life of the mom.

Control your envy.