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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In the interest of domestic harmony and in pursuit of a little feng shui, I have decided to adopt the blogging practice of Tackle It Tuesday.

One of my biggest personal challenges is PAPER.  Combine my love of the written word with my fear of not having something when I need it, and any sane person can immediately sense that organizing papers isn’t my strong suit.

You know all those women who are such diligent cleaners?  The ones whose homes rarely look messy?

I am not this kind of woman.  Sad, but oh-so-very true.

I’m not a candidate for Hoarders at this point, but it’s clear that if I don’t address this personal shortcoming that I’ve had all my life¹, in a few years some scary reality TV show is going to be knocking on my door because someone anonymously nominated me.

Beethoven (my cat) Guarding One of My Many Messes

So my Tackle It Tuesday projects are going to involve addressing the paper issue I have here, there, and everywhere.

In light of this gigantic and seemingly unwieldy commitment that I am making in front of the WHOLE WORLD, I am wondering if any of you have any hints, tips, or suggestions for organizing papers.  For example, this year’s EOBs wouldn’t go in the same filing cabinet as your taxes for the past 7 years, right?  Really, I am actually BEGGING you for recommendations for any book, website, or the like on this topic, and/or personal insight you may have.

OK, I’m going to grab a stack of paper to go through while the girls and I settle into DWTS activities.  By that I mean:  three little girls, ages 3 (almost 4), 6, and 9 will be twirling around the family room in dress-up clothes, no doubt bumping into each other and giggling like hyenas.

You simply cannot buy this kind of entertainment, folks.

OH!  And don’t for get to leave info and suggestions in the comments below, or you can email me directly at admin [at] abrokencompass [dot] com.

¹  I really HAVE been like this all my life.  My third grade teacher, dear old Mrs. Polly Stevens, told my mother that in her 30+ years of teaching she’d never seen a kid who needed two desks.  Sigh.