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Sunday, September 19, 2010

All I Want

September 19, 2010

I have been working on a lot of blogging stuff, but still didn’t have much good material for a post for today.  So I dug into my own archives, where I start snippets of thoughts.  When I reach a dead end with an idea, I just save them for later, as I’m absolutely certain brilliance will strike and I’ll know just how to edit and craft it into something decent enough to put out here, for you to read.

Here’s what I found.  Clearly, I was feeling a little whimsical when I started this.

I would like… A magic wand

I would like… Mary Poppins’ Umbrella (yeah, I know that’s magic, too.  I know of no rule that forbids one’s wish list containing two similar things.)

I would like… Kelly Ripa’s Electrolux appliances and the effortless way she handles that crazy party and oodles of kids and all their friends.  And looks refreshed and put-together the entire way through.

I would like… a houseful of kittens [for a day]

I would like… a cleaning lady (duh!)

I would like… calves thin enough to fit into high, elegant riding boots.  Even at my thinnest, way back when I had a 19″ waist and wore a size 4, my lower legs – not so much.

I would like… to forget I ever saw my parents learning how to butcher chickens.  When they practiced with real chickens.

I would like… to have dinner with Lyle Lovett, and visit an artist’s colony somewhere.  Just to see how Lyle thinks, and just to see what an artist’s colonly would be like (NOT a commune, more like a place where really interesting people take sabbaticals or something).

I would like… to be able to keep a houseplant alive.  I’d love to be able to keep an African violet alive, but that’s shooting a little high.  I’d settle for a live English Ivy.  Or even a spider plant.

Wow….  I’d almost think that list would make my life perfect.  I mean, just mix in a Reese’s Blizzard somewhere, and a full body massage at some point, and really, what more could I possibly ask for?  Really.

Did you hear that?  Probably not, what with me not vlogging at this point.  So I will tell you what that sound was:  it was me, falling back to earth.  And after I, you know, brush myself off a little and take advantage of whatever (medical) shock I will enjoy before the real pain hits… well, I look around and realize that everything I want is right here.  Right here in my little corner of suburbia, my crazy little life, even with countless imperfections and decades of pain (had to throw in a little drama there, or you’d all think I was truly losing it!) is pretty great.

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